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Catch me live in June!

Hello Everybody! I want to invite my friends in New York (or if you happen to be here this week!), to a very cool & intimate house concert that I’m doing tomorrow SUNDAY June 2nd at 3 PM in Washington Heights with the great guitarist Perry Smith. We’ll be sharing the bill with another great duo, a lot of delicious food & drinks will be served starting from 12 PM. To find out more and save your space click HERE

I I’d like to let you know about some June cool happenings and see if we can meet in one of these places:
* 6/15 Berkshire Gateway Jazz, Lee, MA (w Ken Peplowski & Diego Figueiredo)
* 6/22 Musical Fare Theatre, Amherst, NY
* 6/27 Hoover Auditorium, Marblehead, OH (w Diego Figueiredo)

Kennedy Center Video

if you missed the live stream, HERE  is the entire 1-hour duet with Kevin Hays shot live last month at Kennedy Center:

How exciting it was to play there the music of the new album Across The Sea!


Looking forward to seeing you soon!